7 Things You Need to Know Before

Building a Custom Home in Denver!

Download this valuable guide to creating your own custom dream home!

You’ll Find Answers to These Questions and More…

  • Are you ready to be your own general contractor?
  • Do you know what it takes to manage building your own custom home in the Denver area?
  • Do you realize how much money you can save being the owner/builder?
  • Is it best for you to be the owner/builder or have us build a turnkey home for you?
  • Do you need a consultant to keep you on track and out of trouble?
  • Where do we begin?

Download this free eBook and learn the basics before you start. Whether you work with HomeWrights or anyone else, this ten-page report will help get you off on the right foot to building your own custom home in the Denver area. Do it right. Save a lot of money. Have it your way. 

In This eBook You’ll Learn…

  1. How to develop a preliminary budget
  2. Construction financing – what to watch out for, what not to do
  3. What makes a good house plan – what to include, where to begin
  4. 21 choices you’ll need to make – decisions, decisions, decisions
  5. How long it will take – and how you can speed things up
  6. The difference between “Cost” and “Retail” (put a little more in YOUR pocket)
  7. To identify the project manager skills needed for success (and is that you?)

Read this fundamental but critical information and then give us a call. REMEMBER! Whether you want to be the owner/builder or have a turnkey custom home built, anywhere in the Denver area, we’ve helped hundreds of people just like you find the best path to creating their dream home. Contact us for a no-obligation discussion of ALL of your options.